Sign Education Old to New Signage

Ok lets start from old and existing signage : I get asked alot can we reuse the old signage panels to save on cost. Most of the time the answer is “NO” This is because if the signage has been on the building for a few years the materials that were used to make up the artwork are now well bonded to your sign panels(substrate). To remove the vinyls from the panels would take alot of labour and eventually may out weigh the cost of the new signs. Once the sign vinyls are bonded to the panel and exposed to heat & cold including external contaminants like dirt and vehicle exhaust this can make it difficult overtime to remove without damaging the surface of the panel. Panel paint damage and ghosting of old artwork may still be evident even after removing old artwork. Ghosting is when old artwork can be still seen well after the artwork has been removed, this is due UV rays fading the panel colour around the artwork or the chemical from the vinyl adhesive have etched into the paint on the sign panel leaving a ghostly oultine. In this case removal of old sign panels would be the best option if you want the building signs to look clean, fresh and vibrant.

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