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What are Edge Lit Signs?

An edge lit sign is an eye-catching way of illuminating signage, displays, picture frames, promotional products and more. We normally use clear & mirror acrylic and we laser engrave a design which is then edge lit with high intensity LEDs.

The result is a sharp, premium looking edge lit product that is appealing to the eye without being too intense.

Do Edge Lit Signs consume a lot of power?

Quite simply, no. An edge lit sign has very low power consumption and is extremely energy efficient because it runs on a 12 volt LED system. Some products are even battery operated.

LED technology has been a game-changer for illuminated signs. Not only have they provided far more energy efficiency, but they require less maintenance and give a more consistent glow than standard neon or fluorescent lamps. 

Customise your Edge Lit products

At Avanti Laser, we have deep experience at creating custom and bespoke edge lit signage. We can help you design something unique and even make a custom-made base to suit. Edge lit products can be created to be hung, wall-mounted, base-mounted or even suspended from the ceiling to give you a seamless and clear look.

What are your Edge Lit products made from?

Our edge lit products are made from acrylic.  We can use different colours of clear acrylic, including mirror, to achieve stylish and innovative displays. Our edge lit products can also come with with a remote control for seamless changing of led colours and transitions.

Review our gallery below for ideas and inspiration and let us help create your next edge lit product. Call Avanti Laser Creations on 0432 348 819.

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