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What safety signs do we offer?

We offer high-quality warning signs and danger signs for all types of hazards, including fire, electrical, chemical, and biological hazards, as well as signs for emergency situations and first aid.

We also have a range of mandatory signs for shops, factories, restaurants, professional offices and health care facilities, as well as safety signs for the street, car parks, roadworks, mining and emergency services.

Can't find the safety sign you need?

If you’re unable to locate the precise signage you need from our wide selection online, feel free to reach out to us at Avanti Signs. We are committed to fulfilling all your requests promptly, precisely and within your budget, with shipping available across Australia.

Our clientele spans various industries such as IT, hospitality, medical and construction. We are capable of customising the size, colour and other aspects of our signage to meet your specific requirements. To explore how we can assist in enhancing safety and compliance for your business, contact Avanti today.

Our safety signs are Australian-made

Our safety signs are manufactured right here in Melbourne, using high-quality materials and the expertise of our experienced team.

Having the right safety sign for the task at hand is crucial to ensure workplace safety and prevent accidents and injuries. Compliance with Australian regulations and standards is also essential to ensure that the safety signs are effective in conveying their message.

We have the expertise to ensure you are compliant

In commercial and industrial settings, it is crucial to adhere to the stringent requirements set by Australian laws regarding the presentation and display of mandatory safety signage. Failure to have the correct and compliant signage in place can lead to severe penalties. At our company, we have  the necessary knowledge and experience to assist you in selecting the precise signage you need to ensure both compliance and, more importantly, safety for your business.

Our collection of disabled, parking, emergency and fire safety signs is specifically designed to promote safety for all employees and visitors, while also ensuring compliance with regulations. We manufacture our products to the highest standards, ensuring they meet the approval of regulatory bodies, including road and guide signs that align with the standards set by Roads & Maritime Services and local councils. You can explore our comprehensive range of safety signs in our online store.

Types of safety signs

Danger signs

The most crucial aspect of these signs is the presence of the word ‘Danger’ enclosed in a red oval on a black background. Only black text is permissible in addition to the Danger banner. It’s important to note that the typical symbols used in other types of safety signage cannot be included in these signs. The purpose of Danger signs is to indicate the presence of something that poses a potential threat to life. Additionally, a Danger sign can be combined with other signs if necessary. 

Warning signs

Warning Signs serve to highlight potential safety hazards, indicating the possibility of serious injury or harm. These signs are characterised by a triangular shape with a black exclamation mark inside. It is also permissible to include symbols within the triangle along with accompanying text. Unlike Danger Signs, Warning Signs typically do not indicate an immediate life-threatening danger.

Emergency safety signs

Emergency signs exclusively feature a green background with white text. These colour combinations are the only options allowed for Emergency Signage. The category of Emergency Signs encompasses a wide range of signs, including Emergency Exit signs, First Aid Signs, Emergency Shower and Eyewash signs, Emergency Equipment Signs, and Emergency Assembly Point signs, among others. With numerous variations available, Emergency Signs cater to various emergency situations and requirements.

Fire signs

Fire signs typically feature a red background with white text, adhering to the conventional colour scheme. However, it is essential to conduct proper research as specific signs may have requirements regarding letter heights. In addition to text, symbols can be incorporated into Fire Signs to provide visual representation. For instance, a Fire Hose Reel sign typically includes the symbol of a hose. It’s worth noting that contemporary variations have emerged, such as Brushed aluminium signs and cut-out lettering for fire doors, adding a touch of modernity to fire signage.

Service you'll love, reliability you can trust

At Avanti Signs, we possess vast industry experience and have a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements. We recognise the importance of meeting deadlines, adhering to budgets and being prepared for unexpected circumstances that may arise.

Our business is built on a foundation of responsiveness to customer needs and consistently delivering products of the highest quality. With a short turnaround, you can depend on Avanti Signs to ensure seamless operations when it comes to your signage requirements. Additionally, since you are directly dealing with the manufacturer, we can provide the most competitive prices across our entire range of products

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