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Brochure Printing

Our brochure printing service could transform your business. Brochures are old school, yet still one of your best PR tools. While flyers get a message out in mass, brochures are designed to reflect your best products and features to a specific audience. It’s all about targeted advertising – and it can be incredibly powerful. At Avanti Signs, we provide all your brochure printing needs.

The cost-effective advertising solution you’ve been looking for

Finding effective yet budget-friendly advertising is a perpetual challenge for businesses. Brochures offer a solution by delivering cost-effective marketing with significant impact. They are affordable and can be produced in bulk, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Brochures provide tangible and versatile marketing tools that can be customized to target specific audiences and convey essential messages. By strategically distributing brochures at trade shows, events, or directly to potential customers, businesses can ensure their message reaches the right people.

With their tangible nature, brochures facilitate convenient engagement and information retention, increasing the chances of customer conversion. Ample space for detailed information and branding elements helps establish credibility and trust.

Additionally, tracking brochure campaigns allows businesses to measure their impact and make informed decisions for future marketing strategies. Brochures serve as a cost-effective advertising solution that delivers significant value without straining the budget, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking effective marketing on a limited budget.

We truly believe our brochure printing service is a potential game-changer for your business.

Our brochure printing service prints the following brochure sizes:

A3 Bond Brochures:

A3 bond brochures are a type of brochure that is printed on A3 sized bond paper. Bond paper is a high-quality paper that is commonly used for printing business documents, such as letterheads, invoices, and forms.

A3 bond brochures are ideal for businesses that want to create a marketing piece that is larger than a standard brochure. This allows businesses to include more information, larger images, and more creative designs. A3 bond brochures can be folded in a variety of ways, such as in half or into thirds, providing multiple panels for text, images, and other design elements.

The high-quality bond paper used for A3 bond brochures gives them a professional look and feel and is durable enough to withstand regular handling. This makes A3 bond brochures an ideal marketing tool for businesses that want to create a lasting impression with their target audience.

Overall, A3 bond brochures are a versatile and effective marketing tool for businesses that want to create a high-quality, professional-looking brochure that will stand out and make a lasting impression.

Double DL Brochures:

Double DL brochures are a specific type of brochure that is sized to fit two DL (dimensional length) sheets side by side. DL is a common size used for flyers and brochures in Australia,, with the dimensions typically being 99mm x 210mm.

Double DL brochures have a finished size of 198mm x 210mm, which is twice the width of a standard DL brochure. This provides businesses with a larger canvas to showcase their products or services, and allows for more creative designs and layouts.

Double DL brochures can be folded in a variety of ways, such as in half or into thirds, providing multiple panels for text, images, and other design elements. This allows businesses to provide more detailed information about their products or services, as well as create an engaging and visually appealing marketing piece.

Overall, double DL brochures are a versatile and effective marketing tool for businesses that want to make a strong impression and stand out from the competition.

Why Brochures work

Brochures are an excellent advertising material for businesses, and they offer a number of advantages, such as:

Tangibility: Brochures are physical items that can be held and touched, providing a tangible way for potential customers to interact with your brand. This can make a significant impact in a world where so much advertising is digital.

Versatility: Brochures can be used in a variety of ways. They can be handed out at trade shows, included in direct mail campaigns, or left in strategic locations. This versatility allows you to get your message in front of potential customers in a variety of contexts.

Cost-effective: Brochures are generally cost-effective to produce, especially when compared to other forms of advertising, such as TV commercials or billboards. This makes them an ideal choice for small businesses and those with limited marketing budgets.

Information-rich: Brochures can contain a lot of information about your products or services. This makes them an ideal way to showcase your brand and communicate your message to potential customers.

Customisable: Brochures can be customised to suit your brand and marketing message, or even a particular message based on the target audience. You can choose the colours, fonts, and imagery that best represent your brand and help your brochure stand out from the competition.

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