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A-frame signs are the ideal display for catching the eye of passers-by. Placed outside on the footpath and by the road, well-designed A-frame signs are one of the most effective promotional materials that you can invest in.

What are our A-Frame signs made from?

Our A-frame signs come with a powder-coated metal frame in white or black with a carry handle. The metal faces are ideal for vinyl cut or digital printed media, with the option for a white board or black board section.

Sizes available:

  • Standard: 600x900mm
  • Large: 900x1200mm

These are approved by local council and most body corporate.

Prices start at $280 (this is for an A-frame signed both sides, 600mm x 900mm, steel frame & hinged with chrome handle).

A-Frame insert frames are also available for external applications where changeable faces are needed.

Take advantage of our experience in A-Frame signage

We draw on a lot of experience when it comes to helping businesses attract patronage through A-frame signs in Melbourne and Victoria. Our sign writers work with our clients to come up with the most effective designs that catch the eye and get the message across.  We provide advice and guidance on all considerations, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why Choose A-Frame Signs?

A-frame signs, also known as sandwich boards, are a versatile and highly effective outdoor advertising solution for businesses of all types. Here’s why you should consider choosing A-frame signs for your advertising needs:


  1.  High Visibility: A-frame signs are strategically positioned at eye level, making them impossible for passers-by to ignore. They stand out on footpaths and in front of businesses, ensuring your message reaches a broad audience.
  2.  Cost-Effectiveness: They offer an affordable advertising option compared to other forms of outdoor marketing. Their one-time purchase cost and longevity provide excellent value for your investment. They require no ongoing expenses like digital ads or billboards.
  3.  Portability: These signs are lightweight and designed for easy transport. You can move them around your storefront or place them strategically at various locations to target different audiences throughout the day.
  4.  Customisability: These signs are highly customisable. You can choose from various sizes, shapes, materials and design options to match your brand and message. This flexibility allows you to create eye-catching and unique signage.
  5.  Durability: Our signs are built to withstand outdoor elements, including rain, wind and sunlight. They are constructed from materials that resist fading, cracking or warping, ensuring a long-lasting advertising tool.
  6.  Quick and Easy Setup: You don’t need a professional crew to set up A-frame signs. They are designed for easy installation, allowing you to change your message or location without hassle.
  7.  Versatility: These signs can be used in a wide range of industries, from restaurants and retail stores to event organisers and service providers. They effectively promote daily specials, grand openings, promotions or directional information.
  8.  Interactivity: A-frame signs engage potential customers as they walk by, encouraging them to stop and take notice of your message. This interactive element can lead to increased foot traffic and impulse purchases.

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